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Company Credo/Management Principles/Management Policies

Company Credo

Harmony of mind and body

Harmony in the family
Harmony in the company
Harmony in the group
Harmony with the customer
Harmony in society

Written by Honorary Chairman - Masakazu Uchida
【Harmony】Working together with mutual respect and cooperation.

  1. Management Principles

  2. 1. We always offer safe and dependable products, with the customer's health in mind.
  3. 2. We create food culture by providing a wide variety of products, promoting a rich and varied diet.
  4. 3. We offer services to fulfill customers' needs based on accurate information.
  5. 4. We aim to maintain a dedicated staff on whom our customers can depend.
  6. 5. We contribute to the well-being of local communities by considering the environment.

  1. Management Policies
  2. 1. We aim to provide a comprehensive food distribution service.
  3. 2. Through effective strategy we build a strong foundation for our management structure.
  4. 3. We value creativity in our staff, so that we can fulfill our customers’ needs.
  5. 4. We aim to be speedy in our decision-making and respond effectively to the needs of the moment.
  6. 5. We aim to keep our customers informed (or keep the staff up-to-date) through the combined efforts of the entire workforce.