Kyoto Seika Godo Co., Ltd.Japanese  
Message from the President

Takashi Uchida
  President & CEO Takashi Uchida

We in Kyoka work together to achieve our mission of protecting our customers’ health and well-being by providing wholesome and dependable grocery supplies. We also aim to offer a comprehensive food distribution service.


Although the current circumstances in which we, and the Central Wholesale Market, find ourseleves are changing drastically and becoming more challenging, we are proud of playing an important role in connecting food suppliers and customers. We continually strive to enrich our customers’ dining experience and help promote domestic agriculture.


In response to an increasing diversification of customer needs and developments in cold supply chains, we improved our infrastructure by establishing the Kyoto Seika Center in the First Market of the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market and the Kyoka Nanbu Butsuryu Center at the nearby Kyoto Comprehensive Food Center in Uji city in 2012. We will continue to strengthen our distribution systems in the coming years.


We have run food education and agricultural education programs, mainly for elementary students, since 2003, aiming to preserve the wonderful food culture of Japan and pass it on to following generations. We will continue to run these programs, so that awareness of the significance of food and agriculture is promoted amongst young people.


Our business is to take the produce, lovingly nurtured by the farmers, and provide a reliable grocery service to our customers at reasonable prices. We appreciate your continuing support and encouragement in the future.