Kyoto Seika Godo Co., Ltd.Japanese  
Moral principles

  1. 1. Core attitude behind our corporate activities
  2. We are proud to be members of the Kyoka Group and each has a strong sense of responsibility towards our work.
    As we strengthen the ties of mutual trust between us, to nurture harmony in our group, we aim to be a dependable company that contributes to society.

  3. 2. Running a company that prioritizes its customers
  4. Behind our motto is the belief that the highest priority should always be our customers; we try to understand their needs, and perform our duties with courtesy, warmth and sincerity, without putting the interests of our group, related companies, or employees first.

  5. 3. Ensuring compliance
  6. We will do our utmost to ensure that we are in compliance with the law and in-house regulations, so that we always supply healthy and wholesome fruit, vegetables and processed foods, that are the core of our business.
  7. We have no relation with anti-social groups, and are intent on behaving reasonably at all times, leading honest lives in a spirit of sincerity and fairness.

  8. 4. We can always be, and do, better
  9. We try to foster our humanity through personal development; working with self-discipline and never forgetting the importance of our business, leading positive, honest, and healthy lives to serve as a model to the public.

  10. 5. Considering the environment
  11. We try to be an environmentally-friendly company, contributing to the sustainable development of society, where the conservation of the environment and economic development are not mutually exclusive.

  12. 6. Responding to problems
  13. In the event that a matter occurs which contravenes our company’s ethics, our executives will address the problem immediately and with full transparency to the public, investigate the cause, take strict and vigorous measures against the violation, and make efforts to prevent its recurrence.